Pisces Love Horoscope for Today

With the Moon having just left your romantic sector yesterday it was always going to be important to hold onto the romantic sentiment and emotional responses triggered over the last few days, but even more so as this was the Moon\'s last visit before Jupiter turns retrograde, giving you an intuitive sense of the second chances ahead.

You can expect to see some very unusual scenes today. Someone you had down as being the hottest date of the month suddenly develops the characteristics of a deep freeze - and you have no idea what has sparked this sudden change. Talking is necessary to get to the bottom of the situation so that ultimately, through understanding, you can come out on top. Give it a go!

Steady efforts provide regular rewards,and you needn't strive too hard to get what you want -- just keep at it, with the Moon sextile with Mercury communal energies and shared goals mean you do not have to provide all the fuel to keep things running. Cruising speed is all you need,and keeping good company makes it all the sweeter when you arrive. Relationships with your family will be improved, visits at friends will be pleasant,sociability and communication will be good enough as also you will be in mood to use your sense of humor and all the good qualities of your nature. Click here for more.

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